Doing the Right Thing

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Doing the Right Thing

It Is Always Ok To Do The Right Thing
Rachel Lake
Liberty University

American citizens, whether children, college students or adults, should not be afraid to stand up for what is right. There are many reasons why a person might feel hesitant to report crimes. One reason is that it is easier to look the other way and to mind one’s own business. Students and young people should be encouraged to be responsible and report any suspicious behavior. Preventative actions and safety guidelines should be in place to help identify problems and save lives. It is ultimately the parent’s responsibility to instill in their children Christian values and to help guide them towards good morals. The ideology of individualism plays an important role in whether or not one person will interfere in another person’s life. As a conservative American, I believe in a person’s right to privacy but when a person’s actions become harmful to themselves or others, there is a responsibility to inform the proper authority.

Students should have the conviction and support to inform the proper authority when they observe odd or criminal behavior. Telling the proper authority of a crime or injustice is always the right thing to do. In our fast paced society, our children’s safety should be our first priority. Every parent and guardian has the responsibility to raise a child with a good moral compass and to be fully aware of their child’s activities. For many reasons, such as judgment and criticism, students are afraid to stand up and report crimes. Students should be encouraged to follow the rules without fear of being ridiculed or retaliated against. A person’s moral values and belief in civil liberties will determine whether a person will speak up for what is good and right or if they will turn a blind eye to the problem. Every person should feel a sense of pride when they know they are doing the right thing. Some people say that what is right for...