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Doing business in Malaysia




Chapter 1 - Introduction


Geography & population
Advantages of investing in Malaysia
Political environment
Major exports and imports
Import controls
Regulatory environment
Financial services
Currency denomination
Exchange controls
Government policy on foreign investment

Chapter 2 - Intellectual property protection

Trade Marks
Industrial Design
Layout Design of Integrated Circuits
Geographical Indications

PKF – Doing business in Malaysia



Chapter 3 - Business Structure


Chapter 4 - Business Finance


Chapter 5 - Investment Incentives


Chapter 6 - Accounting


Chapter 7 - Taxation


Types of business structures
Companies limited by shares
Companies limited by guarantee
Foreign companies and foreign investments
Sole proprietorship and partnerships

Equity financing
Loan Funding
Grants & soft loans

Multimedia Super Corridor Status
Operational Headquarters
International Procurement Centres / Regional Distribution

Statutory Accounting Requirements
Audit Requirements
Accounting Standards

Overview of taxes in Malaysia
Scope of taxes: Residency
Sources of income liable to tax
The Tax Year
Payment of Tax
Corporation tax
Interest Deductions
Interaction with International Tax Regime
Taxation of Partnerships & Trusts
PKF – Doing business in Malaysia


Real Property Gains Tax
Sales Tax
Service Tax
Stamp Duty
Import Duty

Chapter 8 - Foreign Personnel & Immigration


Useful Contacts


Passport and Visa Requirements
Employment of Expatriate Personnel
Employment of Foreign Labour
Work permits
Permanent residence
The “Malaysia My 2nd Home” Programme
Accommodation rates

PKF Contacts


PKF – Doing business in Malaysia



The purpose of this booklet is to provide foreign investors with a general understanding of doing business in Malaysia. It is not written as a comprehensive guide, but rather it is designed to provide information on material issues that foreign investors should consider when investing in Malaysia.

By taking advantage of the PKF International network and with our understanding of the Malaysian culture and business environment, we are able to provide comprehensive services to our clients, helping them in setting up their business and exploring opportunities in Malaysia. We look forward to co-operating with you and assisting your business to grow and achieve success in the future.

Brian Wong
PKF Malaysia
January 2009

Disclaimer :
The information and opinions given are liable to change without notice. Neither PKF Malaysia nor its partners or employees make any representation regarding the completeness or accuracy thereof, and they accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any user acting or refraining from acting upon anything contained in this booklet or upon its omission therefrom. PKF Malaysia is a member of PKF International Limited, an association of legally independent member firms.

PKF – Doing business in Malaysia


Chapter 1 Introduction
Geography and population
Malaysia is a federation of thirteen states in South East Asia which was formed in 1963. It is strategically located along the Straits of Malacca and the southern part of the South China Sea. It is divided into two geographical regions:−

the peninsular region or West Malaysia, which borders Thailand to the north and Singapore to the south; and

the East Malaysia region bordering Kalimantan, Indonesia and Brunei.

PKF – Doing business in Malaysia


The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is located centrally in...
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