Dogs vs. Cats

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  • Published : January 29, 2007
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Cats and Dogs

How many times have you seen a cat play with their owner or run and fetch a stick? How many times have you seen a deputy cat? On the many occasions that you happen to see a dog, are they always so lazy and cannot be bothered to play with you? Scientists have studied and interpreted the ways of these species. They have come up with conclusions to support their research as well as many similarities and differences between both species. Both of these sophisticated animals have many similarities, but they are different in many ways; such as being trained, their personality, and means of marking their territory. For the years that we have been living we all have come to realize that dogs are more trainable than cats. Canines have been trained to care for their owners, fetch news papers and some are trained as watch dogs for the blind. Others are close in social status to a Deputy – sometimes referred to as Deputy Dogs. This is pretty remarkable to think that we have dogs that are capable of recognizing and, attacking criminals, identifying drugs and placing criminals under arrest. In most cases we have dogs that are trained to be remarkable house dogs. Dogs have been trained over the years to perform entertaining tricks such as, roll over, fetch, shake hand and even play dead. There are many dogs which have developed bad habits. Special attention and training programs have been developed to assist dogs in shaking these bad habits. These bad habits include, biting, chewing on furniture and rugs, digging holes, barking consistently without apparent reason and most of all, house soiling. Cats on the other hand belong to the feline family and are not as trainable as dogs. There is just a significant limit to their training. Yes they are able to be home trained - to prevent house soiling, but to prevent them from damaging your furniture with their claws, you basically have to clip the claws. When cats are kept as pets, they become attached to their human...
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