Dogs and Cats Compare and Contrast

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Raising pets is a good habit; through it you can learn how to take care of domestic animals. You may also have many other advantages; such as while you raise a pet you will have a very sincere friend for you. Most people like to have cats or dogs as pets, but which is better cats or dogs. Both cats and dogs are easy to be raised but they differ in many things that you may prefer to raise one of them instead of the other. They differ in terms of cleaning, exercising, and training.

It is already known that cats are very clean animals. They clean them selves by their tongues. They clean them selves using sands. Also cats clean their children. You do not need to clean them, just depend on them to make themselves clean. As cats do not need someone to clean them, they also do not require exercises. They can exercise alone, they can walk alone, they can climb, and they can also jump, and so on. Cats do not require training. For instance; they can open the door. They may wait for you, as you was outside to greet you. They can make many tricks, when you watch their tricks, you will get fun.

Cats are smart animals; you can easily deal with them. You can depend on cats if you want to clean your house. Cats usually eat mice; that is why you can get rid of mice if you have a cat in your house. If there is a mouse or any other dangerous creeps near to your house a snake for instance, cats cannot keep silent. They tend to move as there is something wrong; and therefore you will know that you have to discover what is happening. Being able to clean them selves, having their own trainings, you do not need to spend a lot of time, if you choose a cat to be your pet.

In contrast to cats raising a dog as a pet needs proper care and training, First of all, you have to have enough time to take care of your dog. For instance; having a dog take a bath is necessary when they get dirty, for they cannot clean their selves. As you need to clean your dog, you...
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