Dogon and Kongo Power Figure

Topics: Female, Negative space, Work of art Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Comparison and Distinction of Two Works of Art :
Upon looking at the Dogon Seated Couple one of the main characters I noticed was that the sculpture had an abstractive and subtractive appearance . It is subtractive in the sense that it one can tell it was carved form a wood and metal core. The composition of the sculpture emphasized the couples equivalence, harmony, and connectedness giving of a sense of conceptual unity. The idea of a conceptual unity within the figure styles the couple and they are forced to share the same features . The sculptures sit along each other’s side and the male wraps his arms around the women and lays it warmly on her breast. His other arm is placed it on his genital area this is set to emphasize the joining of man and women.

The illustration of a the seated man and women highlights as well the proportion and balance portrayed with in the sculpture. The figures are free standing and proportionally stable. The figures are equivalent in size and balance – neither is larger, powerful, or impressive than the other. The concept of balance is shown throughout the entire sculpture for example there is a visible amount of negative and positive space all over the art work . The negative space is visible vertically between both of the sculptures, between the arms of the female sculpture and the arm of the male sculpture ; as well as the legs. This negative space forms an interesting relevant shape, and such space is used as an artistic effect to give emphasis to the equal balance in the middle of both figures , the arms, and the legs and feet.

The Dogon seated sculptures composition provides the countless importance of geometrical shapes. Both figures get longer at the torso and various geometric shapes were used to represent other body parts and facial features. For example the ovoid heads, squared shoulders, narrow edges, circular breasts and belly button, forearms, and thighs on a parallel plane. Human Couples are...
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