Doggy Treats

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John Hakemoller
March 11 2013
Literary Dog
Doggy Treats
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole," said by Roger Caras, who wrote many books on the relationship between dogs and humans. Roger also was the host of the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. So, he knows I little something about dogs. (R.Harmond 2001 Dogs are a very important part of people’s lives. Sometimes dogs can hold families together in tough times. Dogs will always be happy to see no matter what mood you are in. Dogs can make you feel safe and comfortable while you sleep at night. Dogs aren’t ones that trained, people are the ones that are trained by dogs. A dog can train kids to be responsible. There are so many good things dogs can do for your family, but they can also bring some bad things. The main point of this paper is dogs aren’t cheap and they can cost lot of money if you aren’t careful. A dog can eat into to your wallet in more ways then one. A dog can cost anywhere from twenty dollars to about two thousands dollars depending on what breed of dog or from where you buy the dog. With a dog you have to pay for food. A dog probably gets new food every six weeks and that cost around sixty bucks. Then you need a fence hold the dog from running away. Most people like the invisible fence for their dogs. Invisible fence can cost from two to three hundred dollars. If you don’t want your dog to have puppies it could cost around three hundred dollars to spay or neuter your dog. Dogs always need toys to play. Many people think toys are pointless, but toys with exercise and mental simulation of the dog. The price of dogs toys per year can be somewhere between twenty-five dollars to hundred and fifty dollars depending on the owners. Then if your dog gets sick or injured you have to pay for that. Dogs can cost a lot of money, but so are all of the other pets you may buy from a pet store.

There are lot things that contribute to the cost of a dog. Factor that play a big role in the cost of a dog are the size of the dog. Make sense the bigger the dog the more you will need to spend on dog food. The bigger the dog equals more money. The cost to neuter or spayed a small dog is around two hundred dollars. To neuter or spayed a large dog is around two hundred and fifty dollars. The biggest difference is in the food. For a small dog food cost around sixty dollars a year. For a larger dog food cost around two hundred and sixty dollars a year. Depending on the dog you have toys also can be more expensive for a large dog compared to a small dog. For a large dog toys can somewhere between fifty to seventy-five dollars a year and a small dogs toys can cost around twenty-five to fifty dollars per year. There is also a difference in vet care. Larger dogs tend to be more money because they need larger dosage compared to a small dog. For a small dog vet care can cost around two hundred a year and large dog can cost around two hundred and seventy dollars a year. (T.Simmons Oct 17,2011

Another factor of price of a dog is the age of the dog. Puppies take a lot of work to train while adopting an adult or senior won’t take as much effort as a puppy. In that regard, adult dogs are less expensive and less effort then puppies. Adult dogs that you adopt have some sort training; all adult dogs know what “no” means and will have some obedience. With puppies you have teach them everything. However, with adult dogs they may have a bad habit that you need to break. An example of this would be not potty trained or chews on everything. With puppies they may also have bad habits that you need to break. When it comes to breaking the habit it’s easier to break the bad habit with an adult dog then a puppy. When is comes adopting an adult dog or puppy, the adult will cost less then a puppy.

Dogs are one...
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