Is A Dog Truly Man's Best Friend

Is a Dog Truly "Man's Best Friend"� There is a famous saying in American culture that says, "A man's best friend is his dog."� Dogs are highly respected in this culture. They are a big part of the American way of life, because they are considered members of the family. Not only are dogs known to be a popular family pet, they are used to help police and investigators in finding evidence, they help people with disabilities like the blind, and they are used as a tool to defend one's property. Only in American can one find a specialty store that caters to the needs and desires of dogs, and as for dog breeders, their goal in life for their dog is to attend and hopefully win an award at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show. Unfortunately, I do not share the same ideology with many main stream Americans. At the age of five, I was brutally attacked by a dog, which has since then changed my life forever.

Everyday after kindergarten it was a daily ritual to go to my babysitter. Each day the children were allowed 20 minutes of "play time."� The kids and I would go in the background and play hide-and-go seek, swing on the swing set, kick-ball, and any other imaginative game we could think of. One particular day, I was in the front yard, sitting on the branch of a tree, when I noticed an older friend of mine being chased by a huge dog. Instantly, I jumped off the tree and ran to the backyard screaming to the other kids telling them to get into the house. By the time I got to the backyard, I saw my older friend leaping onto the swing set. As he jumped onto the top of the swing set, the dog had merely missed biting into his foot.

The children began screaming and yelling. They quickly ran up the back staircase to the house. As I was running up the stairs I realized that I was the last one and heard the loud barking of the German Shepard. I turned around to see where the dog was, when I tripped over and landed on my back. When I opened my eyes I was staring into the eyes of...
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