Dog Star

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Dog Star

Reading Check :

At what moment in the story does the flashback begin ? At what moment in the story are we back in present time ?

The flashback begins in the story when the narrator sleeps and begin dreaming and it ends when he wake up and realized the lunar quake

Thinking Critically :

Just before the flashback begins, there is a foreshadowing of what is about to happen in the present. Find the sentence that foreshadows what is about to occur.

The sentence ( I was back on earth ) foreshadows for us that he will have a dream which will be on earth

. List the details the narrator tells you about himself. Then, consider his action. How would you characterize the narrator ?

He is non-sociable that he don't contact with people too much, he is also lonely he don't have children he is not married he has no family he has no friends he lives alone. He don't love animals at all with all its kinds but he loves his career so much that he preferred it on his dog the pet the saved his life 2 times.

3. What different meanings can you purpose for the story’s title ?

The title of the story could have three different meanings, first of all there is a star called the dog star it could be related to the story as the pet of the narrator was a dog. Second, it could be meaned as the word star may mean famous or known as if it is a celebrity. Last but not least the third meaning which could be as if the dog is a real star a unique thing a special thing to the narrator cause it saved his life 2 times.

Extending and Evaluating :

1. Would the story have been as effective if the writer had told it in strict chronological order instead of using a flashback ? Explain.

No, because the flashback of the story gives the reader a lot of effect and suspense the strict chronological order would not, it will be just a normal story without any suspense, effect, or even the feeling of willing to complete the story or reading it to the end.
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