Dog Sees God Response Paper

Topics: Peanuts, Charlie Brown, Actor Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: July 24, 2011
Dog Sees God Response Paper
Dog sees God is a play that revolutionizes one of the most traditional comic strips into the modernization of the teenage world. It has completely changed my opinion of all the characters from Peanuts in an irreversible manner. Charlie Brown will never again just be that boy with the yellow shirt, Linus will know much more than how to drag around a blanket, and Pig Pen is anything but the filthy kid he once was. Watching these characters as their teenage selves allowed me to empathize with them in a way that would not be possible just by reading the comic strip.

For the characters in Dog Sees God, life’s a harsh place. CB’s dog contracted rabies and killed a little yellow bird (that was always hanging out with CB’s dog). CB’s dog is taken to a center where he is put down. Nobody attends his funeral to support CB except for his Goth-for-the-week sister. The play goes on to deal with CB asking his childhood friends where dogs go when they die. Upon being ignored by all his friends, CB turns to Beethoven, the gay pianist who has been shunned by the rest of the school. CB kisses Beethoven, and the story becomes one of self identity and sexuality. Once this is brought up to Matt, CB’s homophobic and germaphobic best friend, he goes out of his way to make Beethoven’s life a living hell. Beethoven is tormented and commits suicide, leaving CB to wonder whether anyone is listening. It turns out that at that same moment, he receives a letter from his pen pal, the one person who has been objectively listening the entire time.

As an inspiring actress, there are many moments of the play that allowed me to relate to some of the characters as they were brought forth in real life. All the characters were portrayed in a way that drew me back to high school and brought back some of the memories. They were portrayed as the stereotypical personas that exist in each and every high school. This leads into the first scene that made a memorable impact...
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