Dog Saves Life

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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I was very enthusiastic for my world adventure race and wanted to get in shape, therefore I decided to head out for a run. I took my dog, Tazz along who was my constant companion and was very energetic and playful. Moreover, the route I took was very rough and unstable, despite that I carried on with my run in the remote canyon. During my training run, fortuitously I slipped and plunged 60 feet on to the solid rock smashing my pelvis into pieces. I was dreadfully injured but still alive; it was an abominable pain and my next reaction was to get out of here, despite my broken pelvis I tried standing up but I failed. My legs couldn’t support my body and I was unable to walk, besides that I was separated from my dog which aggravated the situation. I was stranded alone in the barren wilderness and I was facing my worst nightmare. Furthermore, I started dragging myself inch by inch which was causing enormous pain and then suddenly my dog appeared and came to my rescue; I was no longer alone and that gave me a comfort. Since he came to me I knew there was a route out and so I followed him, over and above I was planning to get back to my truck however, the pain was augmenting. As the night arrived it was freezing cold and I struggled doing sit-ups to keep my body warm and prevent hypothermia; I was fighting for my life. I just had my dog that cuddled up next to me. The next morning I tried again to drag myself but I was unable to move any further because I had interior bleeding and I was in a critical situation. It was getting difficult to breathe as well as I was losing vision. Moreover, because of the appalling pain I started crying as well as losing hope that anyone would find me and then Tazz came over to me and saw my tears. I could see that he was also upset. Eventually my family members informed the police that I was not receiving the phone calls, therefore a search team mobilized and a local detective knew about my place...
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