Dog Fighting

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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Should Dog Fighting Be Legal?
Animal abuse is one of the leading causes of animal’s deaths. But what causes people to abuse these innocent animals? There are many reasons that lead to this problem that people have, but one comes to mind when I think of it, child abuse. As people are abused by their parents as young children it leads them to do treacherous things as they get older such as dog fighting. Dog fighting may not be that much of a big deal to many people but its putting bull dogs on the list. The list of the most deaths of dogs a year, which is more than you can imagine. Dog fighting is not a sport or a game to be played just for the fun of it. It’s a real live dog against dog fight to the death. People usually put about two bull dogs in a cage, and let them go. The dogs fight until the owners pull them off …or death. People usually have dog fights for money and also the entertainment of it. People can get up to at least 50,000 dollars on just one dog fight. That is a lot of money for just one dog fight. Yet it is not a good way to make money at all. Why do people start abusing animals in the first place? That is a question that is hard for a lot of people to answer. For me its one thing and that is child abuse. When children are young they are shown to horrible and violent things by their parents. Such as parents hitting each other, beating each other, or even showing the children what rape is. Maybe even worse, beating the child and making the child suffer from the pain. As the child grows older either with rage, sadness, or just alone and confused it always leads to bad things. If the child is shown this at an early age it tends to do that when it’s older, but try’s to hide it in different ways. Such as abusing animals.
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