Dog Day Paper

Topics: Robbery, Protagonist, Antagonist Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: February 27, 2011
“Dog Day Afternoon”
Directed By; Sindey Lumet

The name of the movie that I chose is called Dog Day Afternoon. Although it was mentioned in class, it happens to be one of my favorite films. With the plot revolving around a bank robbery, there’s your giant red flag of criminal Justice. The deals with many apparent and underlining themes like, homosexuality socio-economics, human relations and of course right and wrong. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the film is it’s taboo (especially for it’s time and the time of the actual events) love story. The film stars Al Pachino as the main character Sonny who I would call an Anti-hero. He is a bank robber but he believes his cause is righteous. He is also trying to get money for his mother who is also finacelly strapped. He is quite obuisley not your typical bank robber, one of the first things he says after he pulls a gun is “I’m” a catholic and I don’t want to hurt anybody.” The other primary character is Sal. To me Sal isn’t all that intresting of a character, he seems to be some what of a lackey who doesn’t have much brains. One of his main concerns is that the people on the news say that he too is a homosexual. This writer Theo may have a bias towards Sal because, the actor played Fredo apposite Pachino in the godfather series but that a whole other paper. I believe the plot was really good because, is should what other wise good men will do under extreme circumstances such as finacal deress. It does also show the age old theme that crime doesn't pay. Perhaps the most ironic thing is that his partner who he is robbing the bank for doesn’t support him in his scheme what so ever he wont even talk to sunny inatally because he is afraid of being hurt by him. It also touches on the media and there sensationalism. For example Pachino’s famous Attica chants. Also when the pizza boy comes to the bank to delver the food he screams “I’m a fucking star”. I think the basic...
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