Dog Bite Paper

Topics: Summer of Love, Want, Dog Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: October 11, 2011
Dog Bite [Rough Draft]

The summer of 2007 will be by far one of the most memorable summers I will have in life. I am sure, including marriage and kids, that this will be right there with them. Yes, it had some good memories I will remember but none like this. I was 14 years old when I had this encounter with death. “A little while later getting to the Emergency Room and he probably could have died” is what the doctor said to my parents. I thank God that I am even here to tell you about this story. I believe he has something else in store for me. Figuring out what that is for sure is the journey I am on right now. There are three parts to the story I will share, beginning with the start of the summer.

The first part of my story is my summer days. During the summer I usually played basketball every single day. No school and no responsibilities, this was the life. If I was not playing basketball then I was probably walking around or riding my bike with my friends. This summer we had new neighbors. It just so happened that the neighbors that moved behind us was someone I knew. A small girl who I went to Elementary school with lived there. I went over re-introduced myself and started talking. Everyday us, and sometimes other neighborhood friends would jump on her trampoline in her yard. We would all meet up at different places around about noon to have a fun time. Bike falls, knee scuffs, and even a dog chase are things us teens just laughed off.

Second, another normal day to me is what it seemed like. I got up, got dressed and ran outside to get my friends. Nobody was in town this weekend so it was just me and her. Jumping on the trampoline learning new tricks and flips is what we were doing. Mid-jump we hear her dog bark. Her dog was caught on the fence so she gets off and untangles her dog. Next thing I realize her dog is running circles around me. There was not a clear path to run home so I just yelled “Get your dog!” to her. Her dog jumped and lunged for...
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