Does a Parents Expectations Affect the Behavior of Their Children? Why or Why Not

Topics: Parent, Mother Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Parents expectations affect the behavior of their children because they get motivated and have self-expectation. Parental expectations can be beneficial in helping the child reach success. The beneficial Parental expectations are that it can encourage kids to do better, never gave up, and to go for success. Parents who always praise their children for doing a good job can encourage their children to do even better. And this is because they know that if they work harder their parents will praise them. This can cause the child to thrive at everything they do, like getting high score on the SAT, getting in great school , getting better grades and doing great in sports. Parental expectations can be detrimental in how a child view its capabilities. Parent’s high expectations can affect their children’s self-esteem. Their children might have lower expectation of what they are capable of. Parents who are disappointed with their child’s Academic performances discourage their children. Parents who compare their kids with other people’s kids can cause their kids to become distress, which can also lead their child to rebel on their parents. Parents who do this to their child make them think that their parents do not care about them or what they want. The child starts to do bad at school and they may join the wrong crowd. A parent’s high expectations will cause their child to reach their breaking point. A parent’s high expectations for their child can lead their relationship to become strain. Parents who have low expectations for their child can cause their child to think that they cannot do anything other than what their parents think they can do. This can cause the child not to challenge him or herself. Parents should keep their expectations reasonable. They should not compare their kids to other people’s kids because not everyone think alike or are the same. Parents should always praise their child whenever they work hard and they should always encourage them to do...
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