Does Your Degree Affect Your Future Job?

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Does Your Degree Affect Your Future Job?
Everyone sets goals for themselves in order to attain the most important goal of all: to get somewhere in society. Many people believe the only way to get anywhere is to have a good job and to earn a lot of money from it. Nowadays, higher education is becoming a desirable quality employers like to see on their future employees’ applications. How much value does your degree hold in the eyes of your future boss? Opinions of the value of higher education vary from person to person. Personally, I believe a college degree means more to businesses than just having made it through general education.

Mike Rose tells us that “…for [Uncle] Joe the shop floor provided what school did not; it was like schooling, he said, a place where you’re constantly learning,”(Rose 248). Rose goes on to say that there are many things his uncle and mother learned from their jobs that they didn’t need school for. His uncle, after years on the line, was promoted to a managerial position without any education other than high school. Joe learned how to be a good manager through his own experience as a line worker, knowing what employees wanted and needed to do the best job possible. Joe did not need any more education than what he already had so why is a high school diploma becoming a less important qualification in today’s society? “A good way to make sure you always can find work is to be among the best at what you do,” (Murray 222). Having a certification or degree in some form of higher education is often a deciding factor when determining who is most eligible for a position throughout businesses. Our generation is all about getting as far as you can in your education and now that most jobs require some college schooling it is nearly impossible to “skip out” on continuing into college. Jobs seem to be more demanding than they used to be because every company want the best people to make them look as good to the public as they can. Employers seek...
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