Does Wearing School Uniforms Improve Students Behavior

Topics: Education, Dress code, High school Pages: 4 (1208 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Does wearing school uniforms improve students behavior, attendance, and achievement?

The usages of school uniforms started in the 1960’s.To require uniforms or not to require uniforms is the question many school districts are facing today. This is one of the most common proposals put fourth for reform of the American System of Education. Some argue that uniforms have not been proven to work and they interfere with the freedom of speech and expression for young people. However, I argue that uniforms can make schools safer, and also improve school attendance, and increase students’ achievement.

“The number of public schools adopting uniforms and strong dress codes is growing annually” (NAESP 2000). Wearing uniforms can improve student behavior. In the modern day kids have become more obsessed with their clothing. Kids that go to school in unfashionable clothes are often teased or bullied. Other kids that wear the more flashy clothes get jumped or mugged for their designer clothes and expensive sneakers. Many females would wear sexually degrading clothing, and the males' behavior fed the degradation. If every student wore the same thing students would not have this problem. Wearing uniforms prevents gang members from wearing gang colors. Students who are allowed to free dress can be exposed to gang violence, simply by wearing the wrong color. Gang members can be very dangerous. Uniforms eliminate many gang fights during school. Some schools may have problems with unwanted people or intruders invading the school. If the entire school was dressed a like it would be a lot easier for security guards to spot the intruders.

Opponents believe the uniform dress-code policy did not fix all the problems. For instants, some students still try to "sag," or wear undershirts or shoelaces that reflect gang colors. They believe that students are going to get into fights and be bullied by one another with or without being in a uniform. Wearing a uniform cannot make...
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