Does Utopia Really Exist?

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  • Published : September 5, 2008
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Can Utopia really exist with the differences that divide the world’s population? As Australians, we can all enjoy, to some extent an amazing amount of freedom – both philosophically and physically. Compared to other countries we have more freedom in what we are able to do and say. Our society is one of the most diverse groups of people on earth and with far less discrimination apparent than other countries. It is said that we are all free to do, say and feel whatever we want, but is this true? As humans we are all controlled by some degree of forced obedience. We all have free will and our own minds, with which we can think however we want, act however we want and express whatever we want. Though it’s unfortunate when someone is discriminated against for the way they think, act or because of the way we think about it.

We are all humans, we are all part of one big family, we are all brothers and sisters, we are all equal – despite skin colour, creed or the way we think. We all have the same blood flowing though our veins. Who has the right or the power to tell anyone they cannot be themselves. We as human beings give others the power to discriminate. By letting their harsh, vulgar beliefs affect us we are giving them the power. By submitting to their close minded ideas, we have accepted a backward society of oppression and suffering without realisation. This discrimination and oppression leave people lost, broken and beaten. People in society who cause pain and suffering by abusing other individuals because of the way they are or have chosen to live as a minority, a minority that must be culled. The one thing holding us back from a Utopian society, free from oppression and discrimination is our own fear of revolution. As sung by hatebreed, ‘Give me your broken, give me your beaten. I will build them up; I will lead them-to the threshold. The time for revolution is nigh…’ also sung by Disturbed ‘This is the world we live in, these are the hands...
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