Does the Policy Need to Be Discontinued After a Certain Length of Time, and Why

Topics: Black people, Affirmative action, South Africa Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Yes because it seeks to support the population whose members have been discriminated against, Because of certain ascribed characteristic such as disability, gender or skin colour. It also attempts to address a historical debt. Affirmative seeks to correct systematic raptures in of the principle of equal opportunity e.g. it encourage the employers to promote blacks, woman and disable people to try and correct previous imbalance that was coursed by apartheid policies. America in America unlike most of other countries it purpose was to uplift the position of the oppressed minority, ether than of an oppressed minority. It easy to deal with minority than to help truth the affirmative action programs have spanned nine different administrations, six republican and three democratic, which means it has support of both strong political parties while in other countries opposition party try everything to make it unsuccsfuly.some of the people that supported affirmative action were president Richard Nixon ,George Scultz,president George Bush also enthuasisticall signed the civil right act of 1991 which formally endorsed the principle of affirmative.Thus affirmative action has traditionally enjoyed the support of both republican as well as democrats

South Africa choose to implement affirmative action legislation to corrects Previous imbalance(a policy known as employment aquity).this act was passed to promote the constitution right of equality and exercise true democracy,this adea was to eliminate unfair discrimination in employment ,To ensure the implimation of employment equity,to redress the effect of discrimination,To achive a diverse workforce brodly representative of our people, To improve economic development and efficiency in the workforce and to give effects to the obligation of the Republic as a member of international labour organisation.

It is Justfiable couse it aim is to corrects previous imbalances and it is for country to reach
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