Does the Philippines Have a Chance?

Topics: Philippines, Moro people, Political philosophy Pages: 8 (2469 words) Published: November 21, 2012
“Does the Philippines have a Chance?”
Book of Peter Wallace as reviewed by Nash Gibril


To have a glance on the a report prepared by Mr. Peter Wallace in its book entitled “Does the Philippines have a Chance?” you can see the naked truth about Philippines negative side. The identified realities then hamper development of the country. These realities were very complex that intertwined with each reality. Once the one problem exists it bred other problem or simply called the domino effect. The interrelated detrimental realities maybe made Mr. Wallace to raise the question, “does the Philippines have a chance?”

The challenge now for each and everyone of us from mere tao up to the national leaders is draw a positive recommendation from the said report that could possibly be the or at least part of the solution to the embedded problems of the society and expectedly could at least lessen the problems if impossible to eliminate.

In this book review, I will first present the world view of the author in per subject matter then I will try to find myself whether I am amenable to the idea or not and then offer an alternative position if not satisfied, otherwise, I will confirm the practicality or truthfulness of the author’s concept.

Sad Political Environment – bred poor governance and corruption

Is Mr. Wallace is right when he stated “politics is the heart of the problem? Indeed, he is right in saying so. The politicians now are the most powerful individuals along with the businessmen in the country. The political leadership controls almost everything, once Mr. Politician held in the throne, first he/she easily acquires wealth through kick-backs, red tapes and any other illegal manner, and then control follows. They [politician] controls the legislation and/or implementation of the laws – they will ratify what is justifiable and directly or indirectly on their advantage to their vested interest, otherwise they will be out of the circulation.

Another attitude of the political leadership is the so called dynasties – once he/she occupied the post, the tendency is he/she don’t want to vacate or leave the office as far as the constitution allows; and much worst, there were instances of strategic maneuvering, for example, the father is the mayor, the son or daughter is the vice mayor, and a son/wife/daughter is the ABC President, what a strategy. In that structure of ascendancy, the tendency is there’s no check and balance, as the ideal structure is designed for. In other words, the government is very susceptible to graft and corruption practices. And another form of dynastic attitude of the politician is as much as possible; the family can hold strategic position in the political system, let say, there is one governor, a congressman, one mayor, and so on and so forth. And once there corruption, the immediate effect is basic services like education, health and sanitation, livelihood assistance, and others, that are expected from the government were not delivered in timely manner, thus, the poor remained to be poor, and those in the position and power are reaching the sky for their personal satisfaction achievements.

Moreover, the political leadership is driven by their own personal agendas and not for the common good of the general public. For instance, the villain of the contemporary administration could be the hero tomorrow and the hero for today could the villain tomorrow. There’s no such thing as solidarity of agenda and aspiration for the betterment of the country in terms of socio-economic upliftment.

The poor governance also effect low collection of revenues. The businessmen and all other tax payers would always find ways to evade from paying the appropriate tax of their properties. In some cases, these tax evaders are collaborating with revenue officials in order for them to lessen the amount due from them.

Lastly, the competence of some of the political personalities are also low level...
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