Does the Media Promote Terrorism?

Topics: Terrorism, Oklahoma City bombing, Timothy McVeigh Pages: 3 (670 words) Published: May 29, 2011


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Assignment: Some scholars argue that too often the media helps promote terrorists' agenda. Others, however, disagree. What is your own position on the media's role and impact in covering terrorist cases? Organize your reply by selecting three case studies that, by employing the same assumption or hypothesis, appear to compose a pattern that supports your opinion. Your answer should not exceed five hundred words (about two double-spaced, typed pages).

Does the Media Promote Terrorism?

The news media of American society does not encourage terrorism.   The only thing that the media encourages is knowledge of what is going on around the world.   Unfortunately, some terrorist organizations use the news media to gain recognition for their groups causes and goals.   Most of the time, the media will serve as force to gain citizen support for the government's actions against a terrorist movement.   The only problem with having the freedom of press that the United States enjoys is that everyone has a voice. When it comes down to an American killing an American, the media is not allied with the terrorist. Americans do not like to see fellow citizens die at the hands of a terrorist, especially by an American terrorist.   Timothy McVeigh, probably unknowingly, helped in decreasing the number of American terrorist. McVeigh's act, bombing the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, was seen as so repulsive that many law-abiding people attracted to militias simply walked away.   The majority of Americans didn't want to be associated with anything like the killing of 168 Americans, even though McVeigh had only attended a few militia meetings. (Mahan & Griset, p. 225)   The media coverage for the bombing in 1995 gave the American public...
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