Does the Drinking Age Make a Difference?

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Does the Drinking Age Truly Make a difference?
Thomas Dertinger
Dr. Tara Parrello
CJ 113 Introduction to Criminal Justice
December 8, 2011

Annotated Bibliography
CJ 113 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Research Question: Does the Drinking Age Truly Make a Difference?

Fromme, K. Wetherill, R.R., &Neal, D.J. (2010). Turning 21 and the Associated Changes in Drinking and Driving After Among College Students. Journal of American College Health, 59(1), 21-27.

The author’s main arguments in this article are examining the idea of drinking and driving before and after turning twenty-one. Participants were drawn from first year college students and examined for four years. The key questions in this article are: Do students who have had a drink before college become more of a risk? And if so are they more likely to get behind the wheel of a vehicle? The conclusion of this article suggest that prepartying is the greatest problem for underage drinking whereas the driving after drinking is the most evident problem for legal-age drinkers. The researcher collected the information through using data by calculating the frequency (how often) of the student’s ages eighteen to twenty-three drank and also the quantity. Researchers found out that driving occurred on 8.7% of occasions two weeks before the student turned twenty-one. About 15% of students who have already turned twenty one were driving after drinking two weeks after there twenty first birthday. Among the 1,817 students that participated in the study age range eighteen to twenty three there frequency and quantity went up from the ages eighteen to twenty one but the amount they consumed per occasion decreased between ages twenty-one and twenty three. Among the 224 students who turned twenty-one there was a six percent increase of driving after drinking which came out to a relative seventy-two percent increase. The author also states that prior to twenty-one binge drinking, pregaming,...
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