Does the death penalty deter people from committing murder?

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  • Published: April 25, 2014
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Topic: Does the death penalty deter people from committing murder? Thesis Statement:
I completely disagree that the death penalty deters people for committing murder. Search strategy and evaluation resources:
The start of my research began by investigating the view points of those who believe the death penalty deter people from committing murder. I began with the Gale opposing viewpoints context in the ASA online database which are tools I used to explore current topics that include pro/con view point essay’s and topic overviews. The first review that I have found is the opposing: “Death Penalty Does Not Deter Crime” (2013), in this article the writer speaks about criminals who believed that their possible chances of going to jail was at a maximum after committing the crime. Their attitudes toward the death penalty was at an all-time low. Threatening criminals with death is not a deterrent if you are largely unable to carry out with that threat with hardcore evidence. In South Africa, it was said they believed that reintroduction of the death penalty would bring down the crime rate, by supporting the belief that a draconian legal system in itself reduces crime. The second article: “Death Penalty Is Dead Wrong: It’s Time to Outlaw Capital Punishment in America- Completely” (2013) was also found in the opposing review points context, however I research the subject that provided me with details of Capital Punishment. In this article, Mario M Cuomo, the former governor of New York argued that the death penalty is wrong on several different levels, and that it is an ineffective form of punishment and has killed many innocent. It is said in the article that the true life imprisonment is a more effective deterrent than Capital Punishment. To most inmates, the thoughts of living a whole lifetime behind bars only to die in a cell is worse than the quick, final termination of the electric chair of lethal injection. In 1995, an inmate was due to be executed in New York...
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