Does Television Advertisement Have Positive Impact on Consumer?

Topics: Marketing, Infomercial, Television advertisement Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Does television advertisement have positive impact on consumer? INTRODUCTION:
You must have at least once in your life seen television advertisements which made you feel bored and decide that you would never buy these products. In fact, television advertising becomes an indispensable part in marketing strategies. No doubt, there are many commercial advertisements that produce good responses right after its first broad cast. However, nowadays, consumers are very easy to "allergic" to the advertisements that they do not have feelings. Television advertisements cause negative effects to consumers because they not fit consumers’ spending habit and thinking, use images that are annoying, and never tell all the truth about products.

Many companies use television advertisements to penetrate the market but they did not succeed. The reason was that they forgot the key principle in marketing which is to put yourself in the consumer’s situation. According to Issabelle Szmigin, The act of consumption by people is very different to the picture sometimes produced from studies of consumption. It is one of the reasons why some brands continue to live a charmed life and others cannot. Children, for example, can respond positively from this generation to the next generation with the same toy and refuse others after a few months of interest. On the other hand, as is the case of Novo, the company very clearly get wrong strategies and retrenches but still become successful in the domain of health care, while some other brands are removed for more complex tactical and strategic reason which the consumer will never know about.(Understanding the consumer, 2003,P.39) In fact, you can see many television advertisements, that aired in the time period are very annoying, especially is midnight. Try asking, at this time, how many people will have to sit before the television waiting to see them. Besides that, many advertisements are very complex and have many...
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