Does Technology Make Our Lives Better?

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  • Published : July 4, 2012
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Does technology make our lives better?

Agree Disagree

Makes things easier Lazy/obesity

Easier to find information False information

Medical treatment/save lives Not 100% successful/causes illness/addiction

Detects natural disasters False information Communicate the other side of the world Lose social skills Online predators Less jobs Addiction Hackers Distraction Good afternoon, today I will be talking about technology. Sure it can be useful and convenient sometimes. But the real question is does it really make our lives better? I believe it doesn’t. Technology plays a big part in our lives; we can literally find it anywhere, in houses, shops, on the streets, in schools, and even in our pockets. Just because we have technology nowadays, it doesn’t mean we have a better life.

Firstly, today’s generation is so addicted to technology that they rely on it for their whole lives and a couple of days or even hours without their phones or access to the Internet is like a disaster to them. What would happen if suddenly all the technology in the world disappeared or stopped working? People wouldn’t know what to do and how to survive. Take the Y2K incident for an example; people were panicking and thinking the world was going to end, just because they all...
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