Does Technology Gives Free Time?

Topics: Writing, Mobile phone, Microsoft Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Technology gives free time for some people, but for others it is hard to use. Also you can get distracted by ads and games. Some people have internet that is hard to use to get things done and it takes forever to load a page, so technology does not give you more free time; it depends on what type of technology you are using. If you are using a cell phone to write a book report, that would be foolish. It would be easier to write it on paper. When you are doing research and you use Google to find a link, there could be an advertisement that you might want to click which could make you play a game on that webpage. On the contrary, if your boss asked you to make a hundred copies of a page and you didn’t have printer technology, it would take you weeks to complete the task. If you had technology would could just use a printer and be done in minutes. If you have to write a research report or enter grades for your student it would be cautious to use a computer. But sometimes internet can be very slow, especially if you are trying to multitask with multiple tabs. You would be faster if you used a paper and a pencil because even if there is a cramp in your hand if you write too much, you never have to wait for paper. Sometimes technology is too hard to use. When you are trying a new program and there are too many options you can always use video technology to help you step by step. Overall, technology does give you more time because if it is a simple task, and you know how to use the type of technology it will be easy to finish it in a few minutes. For example, using Microsoft Word to write an essay, using a printer to copy a document, and sending a message to someone on a cell phone are all ways technology gives you more free time.
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