Does Social Isolation Adversely Affect Health

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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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Does social isolation adversely affect health?

Social is the term which is best suited for human being. Because they want companionship or like to stay together for may reason such as company, help, recreation, behavioral development etc. Social isolation is the physical separation of a human from a society of a group of people. Jacqueline old outlined the reason for social isolation in modern and developed countries as people want to be independent and do not want to bother friends, family members or neighbors which make them alone. From ancient time human are social and dependent on others who are relative or neighbor for interaction and helping the counterpart. Due to this social behavior of human they develop different relationships among themselves like friends, spouse, fiancée etc. This essay will argue that when a human is separated from his society it will adversely affect his physical, mental and behavioral patterns.

The first adverse effect of social isolation on human being is on physical health. House et al 1988 found and described by Cacioppo and Hawkley 2003 that “the consequence of social isolation are particularly strong among some of the fastest growing segments of the population: the elderly, the poor and minorities such as African Americans”. Cacioppo and Hawkley 2003 explained the relationship between social isolation and physical health condition. According to them socially active and connected individuals are healthier and more physically sound and intelligent than socially isolated individuals. This is also evident from the examples of diseases developed from social Isolation. It has been reported by Arthur 2006 that social isolation is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular risk. Arthur and Mookadam found in their study that lack of social support leads to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. However, it has been argued by Cacippo and Hawkley 2003 that the contributing factors to chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease...
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