Does Social Class Have Any Impact on Voting Behaviour

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  • Published : September 27, 2010
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“Social Class no longer has any impact on voting behaviour”

I agree with this statement up to a certain extent, as there are many very influential factors which may impact upon someone’s voting behaviour. Social class is not the deciding factor in many cases nowadays; people are more likely to decide according to other key issues for example policies.

I disagree with this strongly as people are much more likely to decide according to someone’s policies, as someone who may come from an upper class background could have completely useless policies, while someone from a lower social class may have much better political ideas and policies; or vice versa. In this particular case someone would be much more likely to look past the person’s class and pay more attention to what they are actually trying to say, showing the irrelevance of social class upon the voting behaviour.

Yet for some people social class still influences their voting behaviour, as they may feel that someone who is from a higher class than then would be stuck up and possibly ignorant towards their struggles. As someone from an upper class may not understand the struggles faced with those living in a council estate and those living in a council estate would not be likely to vote for this person they feel that they have nothing in common with. They may feel they are from two different worlds, and would believe that whatever happens, no matter who they vote for, things will not improve for them as they feel the upper class politician would be more likely to form policies that will benefit them rather than those really struggling.

It does not have to be social class which can influence voting behaviour; it can also be that people have simply lost trust in a government that people feel just does not care for them. Many people have seen elections come and go but with nothing changing for them, as things don’t get sufficiently better for them. They are still in the same position that they were the...
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