Does Salt-Water or Sugar-Water Have an Effect on the Growth of Radishes?

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  • Published : March 14, 2010
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One of the easiest plants to grow year-round are radishes. Although they are, like all plants, meant to be grown outside, it is possible to grow radishes inside with similar results. Radishes tend to grow quickly, granted that they are planted and cared for correctly.

The number one step in growing any plant is watering. Plants should be watered frequently, depending on the plants growing habits and needs. It is always best to learn how much water a plant needs before beginning to care for it. In the case of radishes, they should be watered plenty when the seeds are first being buried and then watered everyday while they are growing (“Growing Radishes”).

Another essential part of growing a plant is giving the plant the sunlight it needs. Some plants are normally grown and harvested in winter, while others in the sunny months of summer. Depending on their normal growing times, plants prefer certain amounts of sunlight. For instance, radishes are usually grown in cool weather when the sun isn’t out as much. In this case, a gently shaded place with some sunlight would be best for radishes. (“Growing Radishes”)

The last part in growing successful radishes is to keep them in good containers. Plant containers can range from tiny flower pots to huge pots intended for trees. Radishes can grow alone in their own pot or with other radishes. The only recommendation is to leave plenty of room for them to grow if planning to grow multiple radishes in one container (“Growing Radishes”).

Since watering is so important to growing plants, changing the water that is given to plants can have an effect on a plants growth. In general, watering with different liquids has been bad for plants and has damaged their growth. For instance, adding salt or sugar to plants can change the growth of a plant.

In general, salt usually hurts a plant. According to djrice69, a poster on Flowerhorn USA, an online forum, there is already a concentration of salt in the soil. When more salt...