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Does Romeo develop as a character throughout the play? Explain

The story of Romeo and Juliet is one of the oldest and finest plays to have ever been written. Various themes are introduced throughout the play, which includes love, tragedy and hate. As Romeo is the main character, he is exposed to many of these themes.

At the start of the play, we see Romeo as a mature young man, in the sense that he is in love and maturing into a man. However Shakespeare made the deliberate to his audience to change thinking of Romeo as a character. The further the play develops, the more inexperience and immature he is with handling love. In Act 1 scene 1 line 155 we see that Romeo is so emotionally attached to Rosaline that he just needs to forget about the relationship and just move on. With Romeo being young, he is very inexperienced with love. After hours on end thinking about Rosaline, its so immature how he can just forget about Rosaline all together. The hyperboles used depict the strength of the strong connection of Romeo’s love to Juliet. 1.5.44 shows that Romeo isn’t a very experienced lover. Romeo likes the idea of being in a relationship and showing love, but he doesn’t have the experience and the motivation to be able to take the relationship between Juliet and him further.


He’s impetuous, fickle and immature in his love

He always tries to predict what’s going to happen

He changed his feeling about the Capulets
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