Does Privacy Really Exist in Social Networking?

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  • Published : May 17, 2012
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Does privacy really exist in Social Networking?

The growth of information technology provided many benefits to this society. Due to the technological advancement, the cost of communication has practically become zero. The social network is one of the outcomes of development in communication technologies. Like any other invention, the social networking comes with both advantages and disadvantages, however the current privacy policies of social networking appears to be a threat for users and the disadvantages over weigh the advantages. The present research is mainly focused on privacy issues in social networking and we used a survey tool to obtain the feedback from the real users of Facebook about the privacy concerns. This research would also analyze the benefits and risks of the social networking and would try to find an ultimate answer for the question “Does privacy really exist in social networking. The increased access to personal information by the third parties is one of the major privacy threat faced by the users of social networks, especially Facebook.

Social Networking, Privacy, Facebook, Personal Information, Trust, Confidentiality, Internet, Communication, Threat, Risks.

Communication is a basic need of human beings and the rapid growth of internet resulted in the evolution of many platforms to communicate at free of cost, such as, blogs, instant messaging, webcam chat and social networking sites. Initially the internet has been used for private communication but the rapid growth of social networking has made a paradigm shift and now the border between the private communication and public disclosure has become blurred. The evolution of social networking has originated from online multiplayer gaming, where the players created profiles and played online games together on the same screen through online servers. Later, people created a web space to hang out and to make new friends, where users started using...
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