Does Practice Make Perfect

Topics: Tiger Woods, Theology, Aesthetics Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Does Practice Make Perfect?

Practice- To do something often. Perfect- The best you can be. “Practice Makes Perfect”- Do something often to become the best you can be. Everything/Anything practiced will attain you your own sort of perfection. Your perfection is not your neighbors or friends perfection, just like you are not like your friend or neighbor. With the thought of perfection the word practice is probably the next thing to occupy your thoughts. How long did that person have to practice to reach that perfect piano solo. Perfection is hard to come by. It takes practice,time,and mental/physical devotion. So, therefore, is the well-known term “Practice Makes Perfect” correct? Is it true that lots of practice will make perfection? Some may argue that perfection isn't possible because there is ALWAYS room for improvement. In my opinion, practice does make a sense of “perfection”. Tiger Woods and Mozart both were just young children whom father's made them practice for hours a day. With all this practice they achieved greatness. If they had not practiced so much they probably would not have succeeded so greatly in what they did. They didn't have “natural talent” but do/did have years of years of practice. Whether you are born with natural talent/skills doesn't really matter. Let's say your friend is amazing at baseball, never practiced, just has a natural ability of plating the sport. Well even if he is great already he could probably still never just be thrown into a star league. With practice he could become his own perfection at the game. Yes, he will probably become greater than the clumsy kid that trips on the lady bug crossing the street. IF, though, the “clumsy kid” did practice baseball he to could reach his own perfection. As Lady Catherine De Boug states in Pride and Prejudice “ No excellence can be acquired without constant practice”....
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