Does Peer Pressure Have an Influence on College Students Being in a Monogamous Relationship

Topics: Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse Pages: 13 (4407 words) Published: September 6, 2012
Does Peer Pressure Have an Influence on College Students being in a Monogamous Relationship? Shelby R. Tinsley
Department of Psychology
Dr. Gwendolyn Singleton
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

The overreaching goal of this research was to determine if peer pressure has an influence on undergraduate college students being in a monogamous relationship. Students on the campus of Florida A&M University were used to collect data. It was hypothesized that there will be a significant difference in the influence of peer pressure on undergraduate college male students than female students in a monogamous relationship. Peer pressure will have a major influence on the male participants than the female participants. To test the hypothesis four questions were focused on the questionnaire participants completed. The study indicates that peer pressure does have an influence on undergraduate college students being in a monogamous relationship. Consisted with the hypothesis the findings suggest that peer pressure influences college males more than college females.

Does Peer Pressure Have an Influence on College Students being in a Monogamous Relationship? At least once in someone’s life will they be in a monogamous relationship. A monogamous relationship is the practice of having a single intimate partner during a period of time. Monogamous relationships can be a useful method of avoiding the increase number of sexually transmitted infections (Vail-Smith, Whetstone, and Knox, 2010). On the other hand, a monogamous relationship can cause the spread of sexually transmitted infections when infidelity is playing a role in the relationship. College is a time of dramatic change in the lives of young adults. Many individuals begin to involve themselves in a monogamous relationship during their college years (Gessier; 2011). College is the time in many individuals’ lives when they begin to emerge into adulthood (Stoops, 2004). Another factor that takes place during the college years is Peer Pressure. Peer pressure is when one or more people cajole, bully, or outright command others to change their behavior to conform to the group (Shepherd and Lane 2011). Peer Pressure plays a major role in different activities in the average college student’s life. It can have an influence on college students’ use of alcohol, risky driving behavior, and involvement in a monogamous relationship. It has been studied that social psychologists distinguishes between two main types of social influence: normative and informational. Normative social influence is the longing to be accepted by and receive the approval of others. Informational influence is the need to be correct (Cialdini & Goldstein, 2004). These two types of influences may work together to influence behavior, or they may go against each other. Peers could potentially distress others’ talented abilities or choice sets (Kremer and Levy 2008). Peer pressure is the situation when individuals find themselves being influence or influencing others to do good or bad things. Peer pressure among college students is something that many do not believe students encounter while in college. It has a major influence on college students being in a monogamous relationship and can become a health factor. It is easy to assume that college students participate in a monogamous relationship because they are pressured by their partner. However, a student may also be pressured by friends to involve in other activities that will harm their monogamous relationship.

With the different social networks used today by both youth and adults, people are using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a technique to form romantic relationships. However, in a recent study on if college students use Facebook as a way to form a romantic relationship researchers suggested that 71.5% of Facebook users rarely or never used Facebook to form a romantic relationship, 6.6% claimed to use Facebook to form a...
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