Does Patriotism Still Matter

Topics: Patriotism, Nationalism, Love Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: October 27, 2010
In a changing world with changing thoughts, opinions on patriotism are also rapidly changing. Does patriotism still matter? Yes definitely, because patriotism means love for the country and as human beings, it is our responsibility to love our beloved fatherland. Everybody can consider his country his own, his best friend, a shoulder to cry on, but most especially a savior to rely on. Still being patriotic has a due responsibility; the responsibility to fight for it, even if it would mean you would risk your own life into it. Patriotism should not only mean wearing shirts with the name of your country, or singing songs pertaining to the love of country, but it should be within you, it should be living within your blood. Patriotism still matter because we, the people received reputation from our country, so it is always right to give reputation to it in return. But then again, nothing is perfect in this imperfect world. As modernization grows and technology blooms, love for the country also changes. If in the past patriotism is always possible, nowadays, impossible. Everyone is busy doing nothing. Sometimes their country is taken for granted. At present, money is the most important to some of the people, well everybody admits, money is very important. We cannot buy anything without it, and now, even love is being sold. What about the things that are needed to be loved like our countries? Does our country need to buy us? Does our country need to kneel in front of us? I bet no! We have the right to live our lives but we have also our duty to value our country. Like one of the well-known Filipinos said, “It is worth dying for”. Children, wake up! We are the hope of the fatherland and let us oath to die for our country!
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