Does Patriotism Still Matter

Topics: United States, The Star-Spangled Banner, Nationalism Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Does Patriotism still Matter?
First off, it is important to love our country, but it does become difficult to keep supporting our country. Now, in my generation (ages 10-16), it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of my generation no longer understands the importance of our country or its flag. From my own knowledge and what I hear, my generation used to stand, hands on their hearts, greatly appreciating America, singing the National Anthem as high as they can. Nowadays, barely anyone would be caught dead with their hands on their hearts. In my humble opinion, I believe, of course Patriotism still matters. Now, not everyone has the same opinions on Patriotism; Patriotism is basically a two-headed coin flip or just the coin. I believe the only reason Patriotism still matters are because of immigration and the September 11th attack. I also believe Patriotism still matters are because America is one of the few countries in the world that still believe in freedom. Symbolic acts are often considered to be patriotic as well, which include flying the national flag and singing the National Anthem. Participating in mass rallies, placing a patriotic symbol or bumper sticker on a vehicle, or any way of proclaiming your love and support to the State is patriotic. Those acts are still done today. Performing the back-up work needed for the military is also a patriotic act. With the government and our President still working on our country’s military, health, education, financial needs, etc., that just goes to show that, indeed, yes, Patriotism still matters. Any selfless act that benefits the State is, or will, deemed to be patriotic. Concluding, that since the government, our President, and American citizens still show patriotic benefits, Patriotism still matters to me and others. Whether in the government, our President’s values, in churches, or personal benefits, Patriotism still matters in the United States of America.
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