Does Mood State Change Risk Taking Tendency in Older Adults?

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  • Published : August 1, 2007
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Chou, K., Ho, Andy H. Y., Lee, Tatia M. C., (2007). Does Mood State Change Risk Taking Tendency in Older Adults? Journal of Psychology and Aging, 22(2), 310-318.

Everyday, copious amounts of individuals are placed in a variety of moods ranging from happy to sad, to ecstatic, to severely depressed, and a plethora of other emotions. Because of our fluctuating emotional states, it is sometimes difficult for people to make fully competent decisions, especially in the medical field, where a slightly pissed off surgeon may improperly perform an open heart surgical procedure simply because of what made him so mad earlier in the day. Since very few studies have systematically examined the effect of age differences, under the influence of specific mood, on risk taking tendency, Kee-Lee Chou Et Al. performed a study aimed at addressing the question of how positive and negative moods influence risk taking tendency in young and older individuals. It is important to note that two models were used as the basis for this research: the AIM (Affect Infusion Model) suggests that risk taking tendency is increased by positive mood while negative mood decreases risk taking tendency. To further elaborate, individuals in positive moods would perceive risky choices as having a more favorable outcome, consequently raising their willingness to take more risks. On the contrary side, people in negative moods would perceive the world as threatening and thus would be more likely to carefully avoid potential losses. The other model that served as the basis for this research was the MMH (Mood-Maintenance Hypothesis), which predicts a differing outcome where people in euphoric moods have incentive to maintain their state of optimism. However, these type of individuals are not willing to take risks because such action may increase the possibility for substantial losses. For those in a negative mood state, there is a greater potential for acquiring hope as a means to...
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