Does Media Distort News?

Topics: Mass media, Advertising, Newspaper Pages: 4 (1576 words) Published: April 18, 2013
When thinking about this question, we have to ask ourselves firstly what is the role of the media in our world? Media is defined as the means of mass communication (esp. Television, radio, newspapers, books, magazines, internet) regarded collectively. Its role in society is to inform the public, and keep us informed, about what is happening throughout the world as well as entertain us. It uses many platforms including internet, books, magazines, newspapers, television, when you walk down the street. It is all around us. It is there to make people think and encourages us to challenge and have an opinion about events and decisions that are happening and being made. But is it also used to keep the public naive, only informing the public about certain events, hypnotising them into buying products they don’t need, distorting their understanding of what is happening in the world?

Media delivers us with news and information not only from our country, but from around the globe. A main section of our news is political. The media delivers us information about everything from political parties, elections, MP’s, to and decisions made. The famous quote by the CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite paints a picture of what the news networks and corporations are there to do; ‘Our job is to only hold up the mirror, to tell the public what is happening.’ But that is only a slim part of what they actually do. Due to media conglomerates it is very easy for a corporations political agenda to be forced on the public, even the world, without knowing. An example of this is Rupert Murdock. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of New Corporation, which owns the Fox Network, BSkyB (39.1), The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Vogue, and the list goes on. It has influence in countries all over the world including United States, the biggest economy in the world, and the UK. There are many examples throughout its history where it has interfered and persuaded the public to alter...
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