Does Marketing Creates or Satify Needs?

Topics: Marketing, Sociology, Need Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: February 2, 2011
It is controversial issue, both those who believe that marketing create needs and those who believe that marketing does not create needs but only satisfy it have real examples. The marketing function is to search needs and then satisfy it! But the issue that some companies create needs, so we should not call it Marketing, because none of the marketing function is creating needs, therefore we should call it something else, I say it should be called Ultra Marketing! Or New Marketing!

Marketers do not create needs: Needs preexist marketers, marketers along with other societal factors, influence wants. Marketers might promote idea that Mercedes would satisfy a person’s need for social status. They do not, however, create the need for social status.

But now a days companies do more! They educate people and give them reason to buy their products and this is what people might call it “creation of needs” people purchase something when they need it, if they think they do not need the product they may not purchase it. How many people really need Mobile + Internet + Camera + TV all in one set? I have asked many people why you have purchased color big display Mobile-Phone with camera. They haven’t answered me yet. How many people really need to go to space? They don’t need it at all, but they go. Can we call it marketers created their needs?

We know creation of need is not the function of marketing,
so we should to accept a more powerful tool than marketing, and we should search how to give it a suitable name.
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