Does “Love” Really Needs “Sacrifice”

Topics: Love, Marriage, Wife Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: October 23, 2012
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English 213
Professor Potts
23 October 2011
Does “Love” Really Needs “Sacrifice”
Will everything be pallid in front of love? Everyone has the scale to judge, and only yourself will know what is the most important for you. Related to love, there is always no right answer. Someone’s loving behavior or idea may seems very strange (283); however, no one can claim that he or she really understand anything involved in love. Love, the torch of Hymen, is always the eternal topic of diversity and controversy. What is love? Most people believe that, for a married couple, living together till old and grey is a sign of true love. Like the neighbors in the novel of “A Sacrifice”, common people will not accept a separation for a loved couple, especially for an elderly couple (283). On the other side, special examples always exist: an old woman wants to divorce with her husband in order to let him marry with a young girl (284). No doubt, this will be striking news even in the modern society; let alone nearly one century ago, when Chinese man still maintain pigtails (288). This old wife’s idea is so “advanced” that nobody could really understand her real purpose at that time, even her husband (287). The author did not provide a clear conclusion for that, and the only fact for readers to consider is her statement about love: she would glad to sacrifice everything for her

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husband to see his happiness(284). Of course, love is overwhelming and sacred, but does it really need any possible sacrifices to lift up, even giving up ethics, reputation or conjugal relation? For ebullient ones, they believe true love may equals to doing anything for your lover: true love is altruistic and unconditional; true love is regarding your lover as the most dependent person in the world, whatever he or she is stronger or weaker than you; true love is trying to pick the star from the sky for your lover if she or he requires…In their points of view: love represents a kind of...
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