Does Living in a Same Sex Home Effect How a Child Will Grow Up

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Parent Pages: 9 (3074 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Winters 1
Jynai Winters
16 November 2012
Psychology 100
Does Same-Sex parenting affect a child?
I choose this topic because I love children and I don't like to see children hurting. I also choose it because I always wondered if it made a difference if a child grows up in a heterosexual home or living in homosexual home. Another reason why I choose to do this topic is because a lot of people believe that homosexual parents are not fit to rise their children if they come from a heterosexual relationship however, they do not have any proof that they are unfit for parenting their children and people do not like the fact that a child is growing up around homosexual activity and they also believe that if they grow up with a homosexual parent that they will not have choice about their sexuality. The earliest known idea about developmental psychology was presented by Jean Jacques Rousseau around the late 18th century. Developmental psychology studies the human growth and development that occurs throughout the entire life span. Most people that studies this field focuses on one stage of development. There are seven stages of life that they could choose from; they are Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Early Adulthood, Middle Adulthood, Other Adults and Developmental Disabilities. To become a psychologist you must earn a Bachelors degree in psychology. However you must have a Master's or doctoral before you start working as a psychologist. Most psychologists often work in schools and learning centers. They could also work in hospitals, mental facilities and nursing homes. They are even a few psychologists that work at colleges and for the government as teachers or to do perform research. Winters 2

A developmental psychologist salary depends on their training, geographic location and the work setting. Usually psychologist make between $69,007 and $90,326 a year. There are also those few that make more than $101,088 per year. As a psychologist some of their task will included evaluating children to determine if they have a developmental disability, investigating how language skills are acquired, studying how moral reasoning develops in children and finally exploring ways to help elderly individuals remain independent. Most developmentalists study and research contextual influences that impact change such as socioeconomic conditions, culture, and genetics. There are many other changes that developmentalists study which are family, parenting style, divorce, friends, religion physical and mental abuse and educational levels. My research will focus on the Boswell vs. Boswell case of 1998, the Bottoms vs. Bottoms case of 1995 and also the Huggins interview of 1989. I will also talk about the Wainright, Russell, and Patterson 2004 study, the King and Black study of 1994, the MacCallum & Golombok of 2004, Vanfraussen study of 2002, the Fulcher of 2008, and finally the Patterson study of 1992 and 2000. The first study I will talk about is Huggins's 1989 and O'Connell of 1993. The small body of research that has focused on adolescent offspring of families headed by same-sex couples includes Huggins's (1989) study of 36 adolescents (13–19 years old, 18 with divorced heterosexual mothers and 18 with divorced lesbian mothers), which reported no differences in adolescent self-esteem as a function of mothers' sexual orientation. In another early study, O'Connell (1993) studied 11 young men and women, 16–23 years old, were the offspring of divorced or separated lesbian mothers. Participants expressed strong love, loyalty, and protectiveness toward their mothers and a desire for others to understand the benefits of having a lesbian mother. Participants, however, also Winters 3

described concerns about losing friends, and some described attempts to control information about their mothers' sexual orientation. These two studies were about how the child felt after their parents divorced. The Huggins's study reported that the children...
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