Does Human-Produced Carbon Dioxide Contribute to Global Warming?

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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Does Human-Produced Carbon Dioxide Contribute to Global Warming?

There are always two sides to an issue. This is especially true in Science. Each side will gather facts and statistics to help their argument. They will also fuel the argument with their opinions. Some articles are more persuasive in their reasoning then others. This persuasion can ultimately change a person’s opinion of the issue. The question to be answered is does human-produced carbon dioxide contribute significantly to global warming.

In John Farley’s “Human Produced Carbon-Dioxide Contributes to Global Warming”, he firmly believes that human’s are producing carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming (Farley, 72-80). His paper is fueled by facts and statistics. One of the facts he uses is the change of temperature before and after the industrial revolution. He writes that the CO2 levels had remained “around 280 ppm during the last 10,000 years” (Farley, 75). He then says that the CO2 levels have begun rising since the industrial revolution, and are “now 38% percent higher” than they were before the industrial revolution (Farley, 75). He tells how humans are contributing to increased Carbon Dioxide levels. He says that the increasing levels of Carbon Dioxide are caused by “the burning of fossil fuels” and “deforestation” (Farley, 73). These two are both human activities. He then uses the fact that many scientists agree with him. He says that other climate scientists attribute the rise of Carbon Dioxide after pre- industrial levels to “human activity” (Farley, 77). He goes on to explain the importance of Carbon Dioxide. He says that CO2 is either “9 percent or 26 percent of the greenhouse effect” (Farley, 78). He also says that the IPCC predict that the doubling of the CO2 in the atmosphere will “result in a temperature increase of a few degrees Celsius” (Farley, 79).

In Roy Spencer’s “Human-Produced Carbon Dioxide Does Not Contribute Significantly to Global Warming”, he...
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