Does Hip Hop Influence Other Parts of the World

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Does Hip-Hop Influence Other Parts of the World?
Imagine a DJ on turntables, booming speaker boxes, a rapper with baggy shorts with a hat turned backwards on stage throwing his arm back and forth with a microphone in his hand, and an audience jumping up and down swaying their hands to the bass. Now take this image and picture it in places like Indonesia and Europe. No longer is Hip-Hop just a reflection of Western customs and the African American identity, it is now integrated in many countries and cultures all over; what originally started in the 1970s in Bronx, New York, has now spread globally all around the world. Hip Hop is no longer appreciated as just a genre of music; Hip Hop has become a commodity in the lives of people everywhere. Hip Hop provides a way for cultures to express their own identity, while staying true to their traditions.

Case Study #1 Indonesia- Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation
While Hip Hop already has become popular in Indonesia in the early 1990s, one group from Yogyakarta, advanced through the scenes and gained popularity with a unique sense of style by fusing traditional Javanese traditions and the original swag of Hip Hop rhythm. The Jogja Hip Hop Foundation creates a new unique style of using their traditional lyrics, mantras, literature and poetry, while reinventing a new approach of Hip Hop interpretation. Their music reflects a new identity of their community while integrating the roots of the Javanese culture; a couple of examples being, the use of their Javanese language, and the traditional use of gamelan music which is incorporated into all their songs. In a recent “Intel Visibly Smart short film , founding member of the group, Marzuki Mohamad, also known as “Kill the DJ”, states “ Jogja Hip Hop Foundation’s music is a portrait of daily life in Jogjakarta, where tradition and modernity continue to grow together”. Hip Hop to the Jogja is not just making music, but using Hip Hop to express what this music means to them and how...
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