Does God Exist

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April. 23, 2012
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Does God Exist?

Does god really exists? This is an age old question that has been asked by many people over the course of many years and probably still be asked into the future. It is a question that doesn’t have a true answer in today’s society. The answer to the question will always be divided, whether god exist or not. Even between the people who agree that god does exist are divided arguing whether how’s god is the true god. Peoples opinion on the exist of god will differ depending on the church they go to, the religion they follow and even there family’s beliefs. The general conception of God may be said to be that of an infinite being but who is supremely good, who created the world, which knows all and can do all, who is transcendent over and immanent in the world, and who loves humanity. But the thing is there isn’t enough evidence to neither prove nor disprove God’s existence.

One argument used for the existence of god would be the act of miracles by god. When most people think of miracles they think of a marvelous and amazing event attributed to divine agency. The argument for miracles is based of the premise that there exist events, which must be explained by supernatural causes, some sort of act of god. Many people believe miracles are another one of god’s way of proving his existence to us. There have been many of these so called miracles that people believe they prove the existence of god, from the ancient Egypt were the red sea was parted to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, even now these miracles are happening people after injury’s are told they will never walk again by their doctors eventually do regain the ability to walk.

An atheist argument for miracles is that they just don’t exist. There is no way to prove miracles do in fact exist, and even if a miracle did happened atheist would argue that it doesn’t mean that there...
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