Does Globalization Have a Purpose?

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  • Published : March 27, 2012
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Does globalization have a purpose?

A) i) McGrew, A. 2011. Globalization and global politics. In: Baylis, J. & Smith, S. & Owens, P. (eds). The Globalization of World Politics, 5th Edition, Oxford University Press, pp. 16-29

A) ii) McGrew starts off by offering a definition of globalization calling it a “historical process that denotes a ‘shrinking world’ and pointing out that it is associated with “significant transformation in world politics”. In the first paragraph he introduces two opposing views on globalization and its purpose. The “skeptics” he says “argue that states and geopolitics remain the principal agents and forces shaping world order”. However he embraces the ‘transformationalist perspective’ arguing in favor of global politics where there is hardly a distinction between domestic and international affairs.

McGrew goes on to depict the different aspects of globalization emphasizing the economic factors that drive it. In this chapter he identifies five contrasting definitions for the word 'globalization' as used by a number of the subject's commentators and critics - internationalization, liberalization, universalization, western/modernization and deterrioralization. It comes as no surprise that the skeptics find a solid ground for their scrutiny considering the globalization thesis as merely a buzz-word to denote the latest phase of capitalism.

McGrew’s main argument is encapsulated in his view of the purpose of globalization. He argues that “globalization reconstructs the world as a shared social space”. (p.29) In conclusion he calls for a “post-Westphalian world order” as a result of transformed sovereign statehood by the dynamics of globalization.(p.29)

B) i) Katz, R. & Lawrence, R.Z. & Spence M. 2011 Manufacturing Globalization: Is globalization to blame for rising unemployment and income inequality?, Foreign Affairs Magazine, 90(6), pp. 166-172.

B) ii) The Foreign Affairs journal has been published for nearly a century by The...
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