Does Death Symbolize Heroism in Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Topics: Slavery, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Slavery in the United States Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: April 29, 2008
Is Stowe’s antislavery argument supported by the death scenes of Eva and Tom? In Uncle Tom’s Cabin the death of Eva and Tom can be symbolized as a heroic victory for the other characters, who are slaves, to be set free. Stowe parallels these two Christian figures, Eva and Tom, to Jesus’ death. Both characters that pass away have similar attributes that are emphasized throughout Stowe’s novel. They both had faith in God and they created a change in slavery after their death. Many characters showed much sorrow for the death of Eva and Tom. These two death scenes leave a lasting impression on the other characters and the reader of the novel. Keeping in mind that Stowe had a purpose for these two scenes to develop her argument that slavery should be abolished, I will be discussing the way Eva and Tom impacted the characters and reader.

The death of Eva and Tom can symbolize many effects in the book. Both of their faith makes the comparison to Christ a big parallel for the reader. One common thread between the two characters and Christ are that the deaths are sacrificial and in the fundamental nature for the rescue of others. Everywhere Tom is sent as a slave he seems to give the strength of faith along with love to the other characters. Even though Tom is a slave others seem to respond remarkable to his thoughts and beliefs. He retains his truthfulness and refuses to betray his fellow slaves at the cost of his life! Eva, unlike Tom, is not a slave but is seen as a likable character by all. Even though we can distinguish similarities between both characters and Christ, I feel Tom resembles Christ more because they are both males, they both suffer physically, and are both beaten when expressing their beliefs.

Characters in this novel seem to believe in Tom and Eva’s messages while they are alive but when both characters die it seems their lives leave a lasting impression about Christianity and the wrong doings of being a slave owner. I felt, as a...
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