Does Childhood Bullying Have Social Psychological Causes and Consequences?

Topics: Bullying, Psychology, Abuse Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: December 2, 2009
Does childhood bullying have social psychological causes and consequences? Kerry Martin
PS 301
Fall I 2009
Does childhood bullying have social psychological causes and consequences? Bullying is not just taking someone’s lunch money. It goes way beyond this for the bully and the victim. The children who exhibit the aggressive behavior and are looked at as bullies will have more of a tendency to take part in vandalism, theft and have a criminal record. They will also have more of a predisposition to drug and alcohol use. Adding all of this together, it is expected that the bully will not achieve as high academically as their peers. Their actions can also transcend into their future home life, where they might be abusive towards their spouse or child, thereby perpetuating the cycle of violence. References

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