Does Child Abuse and Neglect Lead to Bullying?

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Psychological abuse Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Does child abuse and neglect from parents lead to bullying?

The way a child is raised has a strong impact on the way they treat others as they grow up. If a parent makes the child feel like a victim, by verbally or physically abusing them, they will do the same to others. A child that is constantly being put down by their parents will most likely become a bully at school. Out of school, they will likely continue to do the same to anyone in general. A parent that always physically abuses their child will most likely have been a bully in the past. Even neglecting a child’s emotional needs, and not giving them enough attention can cause a child to bully others. These are all ways a child can be abused, and in the long run become a bully. It’s a fact that bullying is retribution for how a child is treated by those figures who are caring for him/her. Thus bullying is a cycle, and this is crucial to remember on the prevention of bullying.

Many children feel like they are being victimized by their own parents. Parents who are always emotionally abusing or putting their child down will cause the child to react, and do the same to others. Children who are verbally abused lack communication skills, and feel like the only way they can feel superior is by putting everyone below themselves. Verbal abuse towards a child leads to lack of confidence, elf-respect and respect for others. They know they can’t lash out their anger to their parents, so they instead victimize other people that will not stand up for themselves, so they no longer feel like a victim. The lack of self-worth causes an overall impact on how they treat others.

Physical abuse goes on in many households, more than many people assume. Some parents believe that it is an effective way to punish their children, or they simply have come from some sort of back ground of abuse, but in the long run it only turns kids into abusive people themselves. Thus carrying on the cycle of abuse. Physical abuse can...
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