Does Cheating in Golf Predict Cheating in Business?

Topics: Ethics, Cheating Pages: 5 (1737 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Case 13 - Does cheating in golf predict cheating in business? 1) This case reports one of the worst problems of the society during the last

decades - cheating. Nowadays you can find it anywhere, in business, in sports, everywhere if you can get an advantage of using it. This case describes a very interesting comparison between the ethical behaviour of business executives in a golf field and in their job. As everybody knows, golf works many times as a business sport, a golf field is a place where many deals are settled down, and so could be also the place to overtake your competitors seeking for a great business or to win some money from a bet at the same time. All of these reasons make those executives have the will to cheat and most of them admitted they did what makes us to think that maybe they also do it in their jobs, despite the fact that in this case they don’t admit it. Approaching to the ethical principles, utilitarianism, a teleological principle, asserts that “we should always act so as to produce the greatest ratio of good to evil for everyone”, or for other words we should take the action that represents the “greatest good for the greatest number”. However this theory has some weaknesses (as any theory) such as the fact that it ignores the means, it just focuses on the ends, so using the utilitarianism reasoning, the end justifies the means, and relating this with the case we could have the situation when if we cheat and it will represent the “greatest good for the greatest number” according to this principle there’s nothing that makes that action ethically incorrect. However, Kant’s Categorical Imperative, a deontological principle that focus essentially on duties, bases in 3 formulations: act only on rules (or maxims) that you would be willing to see everyone follow; each person has dignity and moral worth and should never be exploited or manipulated or merely used as a means to another end; and we do not need an external authority—be it God, the state, our culture, or anyone else—to determine the nature of the moral law. We can discover this for ourselves. This principle is more subjective, but we can summarize that for example in the golf match I believe that anyone would like to lost a match because your opponent cheat, so and using the first assumption referred above, you should not do it too. Here we have the ethical issue in the case and we can summarize it in one question, is cheating worth it? The ethical issue of cheating is sometimes really tricky because even ourselves were in some situation when a little cheat will not hurt anyone

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and anyone was looking so it seemed so easy and will make us stay ahead of the others, but it still a cheat. So going back to the topic of the case what should they do? Cheat but win the bet in golf and try to overtake the competitors in business or be honest and let your skills decide the result of the bet and try to improve your company based on your strengths without dirty tricks? Society says that cheating is wrong but at the same time exerts an enormous pressure for people to achieve success, what makes some people deviate from their character and personal ethics and forget the means as long as the goal is achieved.


I think is clearly evident that today we are living in a cheating society where

everyone does everything to succeed even if they have to be unethical or going against the law. Almost every day we read news about some company that has hidden millions of dollars in offshore tax-havens to escape to pay the taxes or about another doping case in some sport, cheating became t be something so usual that we got used to hear about. Nowadays if you fail you have someone on your back to take your position, failure is increasingly not tolerated and the fear of not be succeed is constant because we don’t want to disappoint our family, friends, colleagues, boss,...
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