Does Cellphone Use Cause Cancer

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  • Published : March 25, 2011
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Nowadays owning a cell phone has become a common commodity but can this seemingly harmless device be the cause of cancer? Cell phones emit radio frequency (RF) energy a type of electromagnetic energy that could be biologically damaging to the body. However some research suggests that the RF energy is a low frequency energy that is incapable of causing detrimental effects to the cells in the body. Some studies do not demonstrate a strong causal relation between RF exposure from cell phones and negative health effects. Through the evaluation of different scientific experiments this paper will explore whether or not cell phone use causes cancer. There is evidence that suggests that RF energy can cause malignant tumors by affecting the glial cells because of the close contact between the cellphone and the cranial area. As well RF can cause meningiomas through the damage in the meninges; the membranes that cover and protect the brain and spinal cord. A study was performed found that the use of mobile phones caused an increase in the risk of malignant brain tumors.1 Another study done by the University Hospital in Sweden found a strong causal relationship between cell phone use and increased risk in malignant brain tumors as well as neck tumors.2 When the risk of glioma in mobile phone users was tested an experiment tried to focus on the part of the brain that was exposed to RF fields the most, which was between the mouth and the ear. The study found that the proportion of gliomas in mobile users was 28% versus non users which was 14%. Therefore there is a higher risk of brain tumors for frequent cell phone users.3 Some studies also suggest that exposure to RF emitted from cell phones can cause structural damage to the cells in the human body which can in turn lead to the formation of cancer. An experiment performed on rats found that the areas of the rats brains that were exposed to RF had darker, shrunken neurons in the hippocampal area.4 The study found a...
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