Does California Exist? and If It Does, How Do We Know?

Topics: United States, Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: November 29, 2010
California is the most populous state in the United States. California is a state next to the Pacific Ocean in the south west of the USA. California is famous for its long beaches, thong bikinis, gangs and graffiti, it has California pizza, sunshine, movie stars, Hollywood, wine and movie stars. However, how do we know, that that all exist? The answer is not very easy. Everyone of us knows something about California. Maybe he has heard of California on the radio, has watched films about it on TV or has read something in the newspaper. There are many ways of finding out something about California. But how do we know if this is true? Maybe the news is wrong, maybe the radio is telling us something to make us think something, that isn’t true or maybe the TV has manipulate the pictures of California. Maybe California isn’t the state with the most people; maybe California is a place of mud and old people living next to a sea of rubbish with a long pebble shore. There are loads of maybes in this text and that describes, that we only can think, that we know something. We cannot know anything. If you think, that you know something, then always ask yourself whether you know, that you know that. You can go deeper and deeper with this thinking. Is there a dimension, in which is all something else? Is there a seventh, eighth or ninth sense, which humans just don’t have? Maybe the world is something else as it seems to be. How can we know, what the world really is like? We can only see, hear, smell or taste, what our brain tells us. For example for humans fat and sugar taste very good, but it is only an instinct, which we were born with. We don’t know anything, because nothing is what it seems to be.
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