Does an Item's History and Origin Make It Inevitably American? If Yes, How?

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  • Published : August 15, 2012
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As items are produced in America, they are given immediate reference as being of western culture or American culture, which this would seem evident to any consumer. Most consumers do not know a lot of the history or the origin behind their products, so they make judgments based on the information they have.

To use McDonalds as a reference would be a good start. McDonalds was founded in Illinois and soon became part of the culture we experience today in the United States. It grew to be the largest fast food chain in the world. The people all over the country have accepted this fast food chain as part of their growing up, part of their past, with some part of their future. With the globalization of the world, certain items are directly related to their original origin. This is obvious with foods or products that come from places like Italy, France, Asia, Russia, United States, and countries all over the world. Since these items are a big part of the culture of their origin, it only seems that one would quickly associate them to that origins culture. Since McDonalds has grown internationally, it has been introduce to almost all of the largest populations’ cultures in the prospective areas. Still yet, as these areas accept McDonalds into their everyday part of life, people still think of McDonalds as an American introduction into their neighborhoods. The menus are pretty much the same, small with limited choices, but as the food chain introduces itself into different locations it changes slightly to attract the population with some of the foods they are familiar with. When they taste a Big Mac they are getting some American flavor, a look into what the western culture is experiencing. When a child from a European country first sees Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs, they are introduced to animated American filmmaking. Movies like this are made and understood to a degree of almost being universal in their message, that anyone from any country can get a message...
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